Plumbing UEFI into Linux

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The adoption of UEFI is probably the biggest changes in the x86 world since the migration to 64-bit. While fundamentally a pile of code responsible for starting an operating system, UEFI provides features that reach all the way up to the running desktop. This gives us opportunities for tight integration between the OS and the firmware, providing a more cohesive experience for the user from the moment they turn their computer on.


This presentation will provide a brief introduction to UEFI, followed by a discussion of the functionality it provides to the OS and the different parts of the Linux stack that can benefit from UEFI integration - for example, the combination of bootloader, kernel and graphics driver work that will allow us to move seamlessly from the firmware boot splash to a user login.


Matthew Garrett does firmware integration work so you don't have to. He represents Red Hat on the UEFI Forum and is active in Linux UEFI development.