Linux Network enabling requirements for Audio/Video Bridging (AVB)

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Using our latest gigabit Ethernet controller we designed and implemented a Proof-of-Concept Audio Video Bridging device using the IEEE 802.1Qav standard. The project was implemented using a modified Linux igb driver with a user space component to pass the AVB frames to the controller while in addition maintaining normal network connection. This presentation will go through the details of the project, explain the challenges and have a demo of the working implementation at the end.


AVB is now being used to pass audio and video to many different types of A/V devices using Ethernet cables instead of having to run large heavy analog A/V cables to the devices. So not only is all the analog cabling gone but the performance is also far superior with the ease of controlling all the audio and video from a single work-station.


Topic Lead: John Ronciak
John is a SW Architect working for Intel in the LAN Access Division (LAD). John has 30 years experience writing devices drivers for various operating system and is currently one of the leads in the Open Source driver group responsible for six Linux kernel drivers.