A way towards lower latency and jitter

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This presentation will cover some development-in-progress of a new in-kernel interface to allow applications to achieve lower network latency and jitter. These proposed patches create a new driver interface to allow an application to drive a poll all the way down to the device driver. A major benefit of this design is that applications do not have to change in order to speed up, and the Linux networking stack is not bypassed in any way. The design, implementation and results from an early prototype will be shown, and current efforts to refine, refactor, and upstream the design will be discussed.

Affected areas include the core networking stack, and network drivers.

Jesse Brandeburg is a senior Linux developer in the Intel LAN Access Division, producing the Intel Ethernet product lines. Jesse has been with Intel since 1994, and has worked on the Linux e100, e1000, e1000e, igb, ixgb, ixgbe drivers since 2002. Jesse splits his time between solving customer issues, performance tuning Intel's drivers, and working on bleeding edge development for the Linux networking stack.