Data Direct I/O (DDIO): Advancing System I/O performance

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This presentation calls out the new Data Direct I/O (DDIO) platform technology that enables I/O data transfers that require far fewer trips to memory (nearly zero in the most optimal scenarios). In doing so, DDIO significantly boosts performance (higher throughput, lower CPU usage, and lower latency), and lowers power consumption. The updated architecture of the Intel Xeon processor to remove the inefficiencies of the classic model by enabling direct communication between Ethernet controllers and adapters and host processor cache. Eliminating the frequent visits to main memory present in the classic model reduces power consumption, provides greater I/O bandwidth scalability, and lowers latency. By avoiding the multiple reads from and writes to system memory, DDIO reduces latency, increases system I/O bandwidth, and reduces power consumption. Intel DDIO is enabled by default on all Intel Xeon processor E5 based servers and workstation platforms.


This presentation will explain the technology in detail as well as how it currently gets used. Performance numbers will be included from our Ethernet controllers which will clearly show the benefits of the technology. All performance gains will be examined and explained including the power reduction while increasing the bandwidth as well as reducing latency.