Enhancing the thermal management infrastructure in linux

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With the number of devices running Linux increasing day by day, the need for a robust Thermal management infrastructure has become critical. Linux already has support for minimal Thermal management, which often does not suffice to do a complete Thermal management solution. Recently, a lot of discussions are happening in the mailing lists, and patches are being submitted, to enhance the existing Thermal infrastructure in Linux.


The intention of talk is to discuss the Thermal Framework API/ABI changes, registration mechanisms for thermal and cooling drivers, methods to throttle devices, priority based throttling, mechanisms to provide platform specific data to the thermal framework, notification mechanisms (in-kernel and kernel-user space), ways to implement mapping between thermal zones and cooling devices, providing debugfs support for thermal statistics and data collection, etc. The target audience would be the Linux developers/users who face the thermal issue and want to fix it (or willing to help to fix it).