Hardware Rate Liming Control

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Intel 10 Gigabit hardware (and others) can provide transmit rate limiting. This presentation will discuss development of a new simple qdisc that can either provide all-software transmit rate limiting, or when installed over hardware that supports the capability, can directly configure the hardware's rate limiting. One problem that will need discussion is that the Intel hardware's rate limiting is per-queue. Another option besides a qdisc that could be discussed is direct ethtool control over the rate limiting.


Topic Lead: Jesse Brandeburg
Jesse is a senior Linux developer in the Intel LAN Access Division (Intel Ethernet). He has been with Intel since 1994, and has worked on the Linux e100, e1000, e1000e, igb, ixgb, ixgbe drivers since 2002. His time is split between solving customer issues, performance tuning Intel's drivers, and working on bleeding edge development for the Linux networking stack.