Harmonizing Multiqueue, Vmdq, virtionet, macvtap with open-vswitch

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Multiqueue virtio-net, macvtap and qemu is being worked upon by Jason Wang and Krishna Kumar. Inspired by their work I had like to extend it a step further and discuss introducing open-vswitch based flows for multiqueue aware virtio-net queuing. This requires plumbing in openvswitch to utilize linux tc to instantiate QoS flows per queue in addition to the virtio-net multiqueue work. Open-vswitch also needs to incorporate support for opening tap fds multiple times so it can create as many queues. To this end openvswitch might want to become macvtap aware.


There is a need to understand and discuss gaps in realizing openvswitch usecases in synchronization with features already implemented in macvtap and linux tc. For instance.. features like vepa, veb etc are implemented in the macvtap/macvlan driver only but are useful for openvswitch based flows too.


I had like to discuss features/gaps that require plumbing in these subsystems and related work.


Required attendees(If present)
Developers like Jason Wang, Krishna Kumar, Michael Tsirkin, Arnd Bergmann, Stephen Hemminger, Dave Miller, open-vswitch developers, netdev developers, libvirt developers, qemu developers


Topic Lead: Shyam Iyer
Shyam Iyer is a senior software engineer in Dell's Operating Sytems Advanced Engineering Group focused on Linux with over 8 years of experience in developing linux based solutions. Apart from enabling Dell PowerEdge Servers and Storage for Enterprise Linux Operating Systems he focuses on bridging new hardware technology usecases with emerging new Linux technologies. His interests encompass Server Hardware Architecture, Linux Kernel Debugging, Server Platform bringup, efficient storage, networking, Virtualization architectures and performance tuning.