Porting KVM to the ARM Architecture

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With the introduction of the Virtualization Extensions to the ARM architecture (as implemented in the Cortex A7 and A15 processors), it is possible to implement a hardware assisted hypervisor. The KVM port to the ARM architecture, started by Christoffer Dall (University of Columbia) is an example of such a hypervisor.


Our proposal is to describe the current state of the project, explain how the various virtualization extensions (hypervisor mode, second stage translation, virtual interrupt controller, timers) are used, how the KVM implementation on ARM differs from other architectures, and what our plans are for upstreaming the code.


Topic Lead: Marc Zyngier [HTML_REMOVED]
Marc has been toying with the Linux kernel since 1993, and has been involved over time with the RAID subsystem (MD), all kind of ancient architectures (by maintaining the EISA bus), messed with consumer electronics, and now focuses on the ARM architecture.