LLVMLinux: Compiling the Linux Kernel with LLVM

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LLVM is a new toolchain that is becoming increasingly common in Linux environments and is already included in millions of Linux devices. Today, this is primarily as the JIT compiler for Renderscript in Android Ice-cream Sandwich, but its use is rapidly expanding into other areas of a Linux systems. This session will provide an update on the status of LLVM, some of the new uses that LLVM will be put to, and the state of building Linux with LLVM.


Topic Lead: Mark Charlebois
Mark Charlebois is Director of Open Source Software Strategy at QuIC. In his 13 years at Qualcomm he has lead diverse technical investigations working for various R&D divisions, and has worked on Unix-based systems since 1988 and embedded systems since 1990. Currently, Mark is a Linux evangelist, responsible for helping shape QuIC's Open Source SW strategy, and has been working on building Linux with LLVM. Mark has a bachelor's degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada and a masters degree in Engineering Science from Simon Fraser University in Canada.


Topic Lead: Behan Webster
Since graduating with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Behan has spent the past two decades in diverse tech industries such as telecom, datacom, optical, and automotive. Throughout his career his work has most often involved kernel level programming, drivers, embedded software, board bring-ups, and build systems built on or for Linux (since 1996), and with UNIX before that. Currently Behan is the founder of Converse in Code and an embedded Linux engineer working on the LLVMLinux project as well as being a Trainer for the Linux Foundation. Behan is under the delusion he can fix most things with a “tiny little script”.